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Attention: Anyone who hates boring keep-fit routines…

“Pole Dance Videos will help you Keep Fit AND Have Fun?

…This May Surprise You!”

Dear Bored Exerciser,

My phone rang and when I answered it my best friend said…

“You know you were moaning the other day about getting bored with your gym and jogging workouts? But you still want to keep fit?”

“Ye-es?” I replied a little suspiciously (she has this habit of coming up with some outrageous ideas!)

“Well, I’ve discovered the latest keep-fit craze that is amazingly good fun too! I think we should try it!”

That’s how I discovered Pole Dancing! Now, you may be thinking (as I did at first) that Pole Dancing is a bit sleazy and is something that only happens in Men’s Strip Clubs. If so, like me, you’d be wrong.

You see, as my friend explained to me, that is one of the places where it started, but there is one very important fact about those professional pole dancers… each one is amazingly fit and has a great ‘to-die-for’ figure!

So you can see why Pole Dancing is becoming popular.

And apparently installing a pole in your own home is very simple (there are poles that can be easily installed and then dismantled when not in use) and, because no other equipment is needed, it makes Pole Dancing a great fun form of exercise.

“Okay” I wondered “but just how successful is Pole Dancing for keeping fit compared to my effective – but boring – gym and jogging routines?”

Hidden Health Facts You Should Know About Pole Dancing

Well, I looked into it a bit more – that’s a habit of mine… check it all out first, do you do that too? And this is what I discovered:

Pole Dancing helps you develop a lithe, willowy, and flexible physique that is more ‘cut’ and toned and less muscle-bound than you get with some keep-fit regimes like weight-lifting. In fact it can firm and tone your muscles in a fairly short period of time. It’s surprising how quickly you begin to see results. And you know what the best part is? The firming and toning focuses extremely well on the ‘problem areas’ many women want to get sorted… I know I did!
It creates core strength and stability. You see, when you are Pole Dancing you are moving your body in all directions. It means your core and abdominal muscles are constantly used to control your body as you perform all the spins, tricks and linking moves in your dance routine, so they inevitably become stronger and more balanced.
Because of all the different moves Pole Dancing is a great cardio workout; brilliant for keeping your heart and lungs healthy. It’s nice to know that while you are having fun keeping your body fit you are also helping to reduce the likelihood of contracting heart disease, suffering a stroke or experiencing high or low blood pressure during the later stages of your life.


Pole Dancing is a fat-burner… it helps you reach and maintain your ideal weight… there are claims that a full hour of pole dancing burns off between 290 – 400 calories (it does depend upon how energetic your dance routine is, of course) and having experienced it I can well believe it. Mind you, it does take a bit of practice to develop the stamina to keep going with a really vigorous routine for that long!
You’ll enjoy increased flexibility reducing any stiffnessaround your joints. This is because Pole Dancing routines take all parts of your body through a maximum range of stretching moves. The soft tissues around your joints become more pliable and make movement so much easier.
Now, whilst all these fitness benefits are what I was looking for (maybe you are too?), the best thing for me is the feeling of happiness I get when I’m going through my different dance sequences. And it’s not just because they are fun to do… if you enjoy any sort of dancing then you’ll love this – the exercise also reduces stress and helps calm your mind, simply because it releases endorphins; these are the body’s natural painkillers and I love the feeling of euphoria and happiness they create.

“There’s no doubt that physical exercise has a positive effect on stress and can calm the mind and relax the body.”
Lorna Lee Malcolm, Director of Reebok University UK

Of course, the natural add-on to that is it reduces any feelings of depression… hey, how can you feel depressed when you are having fun releasing those ‘happy endorphins’?
OK – there is one other benefit you might like based on its origins. We both know Pole Dancing started as an erotic dance so, once you’ve mastered the moves, tricks and balances, you can – if you wish – perform an exciting, seductive and stimulating dance to spice up your sex life. Because it combines seductive poses with simple and enjoyable steps, spins, and lifts it gives you a wonderful opportunity to express your personality. And, if you learn Pole Dancing in secret, it will be a fantastic surprise for your significant other.

The Quickest And Easiest Way To Learn Pole Dancing… In The Privacy Of Your Own Home is to use our set of Pole Dance Videos

You want to find the easiest way to learn Pole Dancing, don’t you? I did too! That’s why I was delighted to discover this   Pole Dance Videos DVD series.

Here’s why it is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly find out how to perform and enjoy the art of Pole Dancing…

Natasha, the professional Pole Dancing Instructor in these DVDs, runs her own dance studios and has already taught hundreds of women how to be more confident in their bodies, improve their core strength and posture and get fit at the same time
She takes you through the crucial muscle warm-up routine – you absolutely must do this before starting so you avoid any injury… same as with any exercise routine
Natasha uses proven teaching techniques; she demonstrates the move (known as a trick) and then she guides you slowly through each action, describing exactly what to do and how to move your body. She makes it extremely easy to follow her instruction
You get a complete set of 3 DVDs – starting with a gentle beginner’s instruction, moving onto the intermediate level and gradually building to the more advanced dance routines. Each of the DVDs starts with a warm-up, takes you through a sequence of moves and finishes with a demonstration of the full choreographed dance arrangement.
Learn at your own pace; you do not have to keep up with ‘the class’ and no matter how many times you want to check a movement, by rewinding the DVD and replaying the sequence, your instructor will never get impatient with you!

New To The Market Place….

These exciting and fun Pole Dance Videos are brand new to the Market Place. Here’s what they contain:

DVD 1 – How To Pole Dance: Beginners

Your gentle introduction to the art of Pole Dancing…

Learn how to move correctly so you tone – not damage – your muscles and trim excess fat
starting with 4 gentle body moves…
5 graceful poses
6 stylish walks
5 nimble spins and
6 fluid jumps

DVD 2 – How To Pole Dance: Intermediate

Building on the simple routine you learnt in the beginner’s DVD you discover the fun of…

Another 3 elegant body moves
6 impressive flowing floor moves
5 exciting spins around the pole
4 agile movements on the pole
5 inverted positions, with and without hands, and the pure delight of the swan poses

DVD 3 – How To Pole Dance: Advanced

This final DVD in the series adds 19 exciting choreographed moves to your repertoire…

Lively spins
Striking body waves and arches
Breathtaking pole climbs
Exhilarating walks

Finish off with an energising, calorie burning (and potentially seductive) Pole Dancing routine that combines all these new tricks.

Imagine the fun you’ll have trying out different combinations of these movements and positions to create your own, personal choreography. You’ll be captivated by the variety and fun you get from Pole Dancing… no more tedious routines on gym equipment or pounding the pavements – you’ll never get bored because you can let your imagination go wild.

And remember, taking up Pole Dancing is not only a fun pastime; it is also a massively effective keep-fit programme for all these reasons…

Consistently tones your body and muscles
Improves your balance
Increases your muscle co-ordination
Gives you added flexibility in all your joints
Builds your stamina and energy
Improves your posture, giving you a lithe and graceful appearance
Helps your weight control – burning off unwanted calories, especially when you master the more advanced routines
Helps your cardio-vascular system by improving your circulation
Strengthens your core muscles giving you a taller, more confident appearance
Releases any tension and stress you are feeling
Boosts your self-esteem and confidence

In each of these professionally produced DVD’s Natasha shows you the intricacies of each individual Pole Dancing trick and then demonstrates how they all combine into an exhilarating keep-fit exercise that can also be a lively, erotic performance.

Pole Dancing is the newest keep-fit craze, but it delivers such amazing results I’m convinced it will become one of the most popular ways to take charge of your health, both physically and mentally.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to throw out the boring, tedious keep fit routines… enjoy the fun and variety of pole dancing instead; enjoy a more exciting way of getting and keeping the body shape you want?

Then why wait? In a few short days you too can start enjoying this wonderful, invigorating keep fit style…

Special Offer – Act Now…

Grab your copy of the full set of these brilliantly simple Pole Dance Videos instructional DVDs for the great value figure of just…


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New to The Idea of Pole Dancing… Is It Right For You?

Look, Pole Dancing is a little different, especially compared to traditional gym or jogging exercises. It is more exciting and stimulating. And the real beauty is anyone can do it – even if you have restricted movement you can start with the gentle moves and work your way up.

Having said that, you may be wondering if it really is as easy to learn as I’ve described.

I know what you mean! Why would you want to order this DVD set if you are a little unsure if it is as effective – and easy to use – as I’ve explained?

You know something? I think it is completely reasonable to want to check this out… so here’s what I’ll do for you…

Your 100% ‘No-Risk’ Fun Guarantee
You see, based on my experience, I’m extremely confident you’ll enjoy the true variety of keeping fit with Pole Dancing and will find it extremely easy to learn the tricks and moves following the professional instructor in this ‘How To Pole Dance’ DVD set so I’m happy to promise…
“If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality and content of these DVD’s you can simply return the complete set within 30 days and ask for a prompt and courteous refund.”

That gives you plenty of time to watch and try out these exciting Pole Dancing moves, doesn’t it?

Request your ‘How To Pole Dance’ Instructional DVD’s NOW and look forward to experiencing a far more enjoyable keep-fit regime.

Yes! I’m eager and excited to learn the art of Pole Dancing so I can have fun whilst gaining the health benefits of keeping fit in such an enjoyable way. I can’t wait to impress my partner and friends with my newly toned body shape.

I’m ordering my copy of ‘How To Pole Dance’NOW.

Please rush my DVDs out to me as quickly as you can so I can start enjoying this exciting keep-fit dance style.

Normal Price $90

Your Special Price Today$60.00

Join the hundreds of other women who had had enough of boring exercises and decided to take up this exciting, rejuvenating and fun way of keeping fit. Request your ‘How To Pole Dance’ DVD set TODAY!

Enjoy your Pole Dancing and your new willowy shape…

Tony Gallimore

P.S. This electrifying collection of DVDs takes you right from the basics of Pole Dancing for Beginners through the Intermediate level and onto Advanced dance moves, a more interesting way of keeping fit that the usual boring exercise routines.

P.P.S Pole dancing gives you a completely enjoyable, fun-filled, keep-fit programme giving you a well-toned body and a deep sense of self-esteem and confidence. What’s more these exciting dance tricks exercise your complete body delivering a myriad of health benefits.

P.P.P.S. Your complete ‘How To Pole Dance’ DVD instruction set contains:

‘How To Pole Dance’
DVD 1: Beginners $30.00
DVD 2: Intermediate $30.00
DVD 3: Advanced $30.00

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